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National Staff

The FBLA-PBL National Staff is committed to helping make your experience with FBLA-PBL a successful one. Please contact us with any questions you have. To contact a national staff member, use e-mail or dial 703.860.3334 and then enter the extension listed below.

Administration: Board of directors liaison, finances and tax issues, corporate relations, and fund-raising partners.
Jean M. Buckley     President and CEO x111    ceo@fbla.org
Elena R. Daly    Executive Assistant to the President x113  execasst@fbla.org
Mary Ait Staff Accountant  x115 finance@fbla.org
Colin Murphy Customer Service Associate x110 general@fbla.org
Becky Grant, CMP Programs Coordinator      x123
Animesh Poudyal Business Intern      x124
Market Place: Member, chapter, adviser, and officer resources; career and leadership development; and recruitment tools.
866.325.2725  fblamarketplace.com
Membership: Membership development, recruitment, and dues processing.
Troy D. White
Director Marketing & Membership x117 marketing@fbla.org
Lisa Smothers Membership Director x118    membershipdir@fbla.org
Thomas J. Payne, CPA Director, PBL College/University Relations x127  phibetalambda@fbla.org
Ashley Witherspoon Customer Service/Database Associate x135 
Conferences: NLC, NFLC, Institute for Leaders, exhibits, and speakers.
Richard Bowen Conference Director x119  conferencedir@fbla.org
Robert Smothers Conference Manager  x121    conferencemgr@fbla.org
Education: National Awards program, competitive events, educational programs, and partnerships.
Carla S. Boulton Education Director  x122 education@fbla.org
Stephen Lock Education Associate x129 education2@fbla.org
Communications: In-house publications, public relations, advertising, and Web development.
Laura Morgan Communications Manager x120 communications@fbla.org