Fundraising for PBL Chapters

Need to raise money for your PBL chapter? These national fundraisers give you tried-and-true resources to help finance your PBL chapter activities.

Association Motor Club Marketing (AMCM)

Country Meats

Custom Shades Sunglasses Fundraiser—New

Ozark Delight Candy

Schermer Pecans

School Spirit Coffee

Tom-Wat Fundraising

AMCM Fundraising Made Easy, American Motor Club Marketing, a PBL Membership Benefits PartnerAssociation Motor Club Marketing

Association Motor Club Marketing (AMCM) designed a premier fundraising program exclusively for FBLA Chapters. AMCM offers the most affordable roadside assistance memberships in the world today. At AMCM, we take pride in assuring your students, teachers, family, and friends are safer while on the roads. How is AMCM Fundraising different?

• No Inventory

• No Product Delivery

• Promotes Safety in Teen Drivers


• Fun for Students

• Easy for Advisers

• Rewarding Commissions

Plus, collect a recurring annual revenue stream! 

We understand your fundraising challenges and we are here to help! Together we can make your fundraising opportunity fun, simple, and successful. Learn more at

Country Meats, a PBL Membership Benefits PartnerCountry Meats

A healthy fundraiser that features fresh-smoked snack sticks that everyone loves! 45% profit! Sells for $1!

For FREE samples call 800-277-8989 or visit Country Meats.

Custom Shades Fundraiser Logo

Custom Shades Sunglasses FundraiserNew

Custom Shades is a school fundraiser utilizing the sale of customized sunglasses to expand your program. With our HIGH Profit Margin and 100% customized sunglasses personalized with your school name, colors, mascot and logo, we focus our product on high quality shades at a discounted price so your school is able to make the most profit. Try something different. Try something cool. Try a Custom Shades fundraiser as a way to help pay for those FBLA trips! Contact us for free designed mockups. 

Ozark Delight Candy Company, a PBL Membership Benefits PartnerOzark Delight Candy Company

Lollipops are making their way back onto school campuses across the nation with the all NEW D'Lite lollipop offered by Ozark Candy. Ozark Candy has created the first lollipop exclusively for fundraising that meets all the new federal guidelines. Your group now has the potential to sell this new great tasting lollipop, during the school day, without restrictions, as defined by the USDA and "Smart Snack" criteria. The lollipops are not sugar free, rather sweetened with a natural sweetener derived from corn, with no fat, and less than 65 calories per lollipop. This great tasting new candy is made by hand, in small batches, right here in the U.S.A. with top quality ingredients. Earn 62% profit! Call 800-334-8991 to learn more about this new 2015 product, D'Lite lollipop, and to request free samples. Visit Ozark Candy to view information on the D'Lite lollipop and our famous original lollipops.

Schermer Pecans, a PBL Membership Benefits PartnerSchermer Pecans

Are you tired of the same old fundraiser? Do you want a delicious and healthy choice for your fundraising project? Then Schermer Pecans is the company for you! Our products are 100% guaranteed. We have been in the pecan industry for over 60 years with proven success in the fund-raising business. Our products are grown and manufactured by us.

   • Free Shipping
   • Only a 1 case minimum order (24 bags of the same product)
   • No money upfront with approved credit.
   • Free information and samples.

Call today to get started at 800-841-3403, email, or visit Schermer Pecans.

School Spirit Coffee, a PBL Membership Benefits PartnerSchool Spirit Coffee

School Spirit Coffee provides a unique fundraiser that is personalized to each chapter or school. From the size and color of the coffee packaging, to the design of the label, the finished product is created to boost school spirit and ultimately boost your profit potential. Chapters receive a 50-percent profit from their sales. Call 800-570-1443 or visit School Spirit Coffee for information on scheduling a fundraiser.

Tom-Wat Fundraising, a PBL Membership Benefits PartnerTom-Wat Fundraising

Tom-Wat Fundraising is offering a special promotion to all FBLA-PBL Chapters – 55% profit on their Magazine Subscription Fundraising program. In addition to their Magazine Subscription program, they have a wide variety of fundraising programs that are easy, profitable, and work well for chapters of any size.  Chapters may choose from Gift Catalogs, Magazines, Lollipops, Chocolate Bars, Cookie Dough, Auntie Anne’s Pretzel and Cinnamon Buns, Candles, Flower Bulbs, Chocolate Lollipops, Popcorn, Pretzel Rods and more. Their friendly customer service staff is available at 800.243.9250, email or visit